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We Are Being Told To Look Out For One Thing In ANW

If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a show called Australian Ninja Warrior and it’s pretty hard to complete the course.

In the American series, it took contestants nearly seven years to get to the top of the Final course, Mount Midoriyama.

Viewers have also been warned that they should now be keeping an eye out for clever editing as we go into the semi-finals.

In 2015, producers in the UK were accused of misleading their viewers by switching footage to ensure a female landed in the otherwise all-male final.

It was alleged that Katie McDonnell, 24, had competed in the first semi-final and didn’t make the cut but then her run was actually aired in the second semi-final, where she clocked a time fast enough for the grand final.

At the time an audience member told The Sun newspaper “I couldn’t believe it when I watched the show. Katie was being portrayed as the star of the second heat even though she was never in it.”

ITV was quick to deny the shocking allegations, with a spokesperson saying: “We strongly refute any suggestion of any wrongdoing around the positioning of the semi finalists of Ninja Warrior UK.

“In common with all television programmes, we followed standard production processes in making Ninja Warrior UK.”

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