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We Know Who Daryl Braithwaite Wants To Sing The Horses With

He is one of our absolute faves and remains consistently relevant in Australian music.

 Daryl Braithwaite revealed some exclusive details about his ARIA Hall of Fame induction in November.

Here’s 3 things…

1. He had totally forgotten that he’d already been inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame

Braithwaite was asked if he could quite believe that had been 27 years since Sherbert were inducted.

“No. I had forgotten we had been,” he said, very sheepishly.

He said he was at the ARIAs in 2016 with Sherbert’s ex-manager, Roger Davies, and throughout the night, nothing had come up in their conversation about the band’s induction in 1990.

“I had forgotten about it until I heard I was being inducted, and they said ‘oh yeah, it’s your second time’ and I was like ‘Oh, OK’.”

2. James Reyne is helping him write his ARIA Hall of Fame induction speech

Well, he’s actually piggybacking on Reyne’s speech.

“[James Reyne] was actually going to induct [me] and he’s been working on his speech,” Braithwaite said, hinting that he was probs going to copy some of Reyne’s homework for his own speech.

Speaking of speeches, Braithwaite has some pet hates.

“Once you start to thank people, how far do you go?” 

“And you can’t say that rude thing of ‘you’ll know who I mean’.”

3. He will probably perform The Horses for his ARIA performance, and you’ll never guess who might sing with him

If you were hoping for DJ Szabo, sorry to disappoint you…

Braithwaite tried to be coy about what one of his songs he would probably sing by saying it’ll be “one of them”, before saying “but we’ll get someone up to sing the girl's part.”

So. The Horses then.

Then the bombshell, who did he want to play the girl’s part?

“The record company have said why not ask Delta [Goodrem] to sing Margaret Urlich’s part,” he admitted.


While he said he hadn’t actually made the call to Delta yet, he was keen as.


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