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We Now Know How Will & Grace Tackle THAT Finale Ending

It's finally here!

Will, Grace, Karen and Jack are back gracing our screens with the reboot of their cult TV show. 

We hear the theme music ringing through our ears already!


And we now know how the tackled THAT finale episode - you know the one where Will & Grace don't speak for almost 18 years then their kids meet in college and get married? 

Yeah, that. 

We knew before the season premiere that they would be veering away from that two part finale but we never knew how they could change the course of the titular character's lives so dramatically and seamlessly. 

But thankfully having a character that loves the sauce as much as Karen does, they can kind of get away with this alternative ending. 

The new season opens 'Eleven Years Later' to the four main characters playing a game of Heads Up! 

Although true to character, Karen is instead half asleep (eyes wide open) with martini in hand. Because. Karen. 

It's then that she seemingly wakes up confused from a dream. 

Karen: “What happened to the children you had who grew up and got married to each other?”

Will: “That never happened.”

Jack: “Yeah, I mean what would be funny about that?”

Karen: [Mimes a zero]

Alright, so it isn't the most creative but at least it's kinda believable for Karen... 

So where are the characters 11 years on? 

Both Will & Grace are in the process of divorcing their partners Vince (the cop) and Leo (the doctor) respectively. 

They are still living in Will's New York apartment (we thought 11 years on he may have upgraded... but that's just NY City real estate we suppose!)

Karen seemingly hasn't changed - although she almost looks younger than she did in the first eight seasons, which is pretty impressive.

And Jack has apparently developed motivation and entrepreneurial skills over the years - although he still can't focus on any one thing for too long. So instead he is developing a Jack It Up Energy Drink (I need me some of that!), a work out video and a pumpkin carving business aptly titled 'Scary Orange Balls'.

Some of our favourite characters are also set to cameo throughout the season including Leo, Beverley Leslie & Jack's son Elliot. 

Although, sadly Grace's mum Bobbi Adler (played by the late Debbie Reynolds) will be missing as will one of our favourites - Rosario, Karen's maid, after the actor who brought the character to life, Shelley Morrison made to completely retire from acting at age 81. 

We can't wait to see where the journey takes us!  Australian viewers can watch the new episode from 3pm AEST on Stan!

H/T: EW.com

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