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‘We’ve Broken Up & I’m Pregnant!’ Sophie Monk Speaks Out

Ever since it was announced that millionaire Stu Laundy had captured the heart of our Sophie Monk, rumours have followed them - and finally, Sophie’s had enough.

While she was playing MC at the McDonald’s Supercrew Awards, Soph jokingly announced that the couple had ‘broken up’, and she was ‘pregnant’ and ‘married’.

She then offered Maccas mascot, Ronald McDonald, a rose.

'Ronald, will you accept this rose?' she asked.

'If you're that much of a loser and can't find a girlfriend like I was? After he had accepted the rose, Sophie revealed she couldn't go on with the ceremony as she was already taken, confirming she was still with Stu.

'Even though the media says [we've] broken up, I'm pregnant and married, I'm still with the guy,' she confirmed, adding that with all the speculation she was 'getting confused herself'.

Guys, don’t believe the rumours!

Source: Daily Mail

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