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We’ve Just Found The Worst Boyfriend In The Whole Of Aus

Imagine you wanted to get out a relationship SO badly, you paid a thief to steal all of your partner’s belongings?

Well, one man did just that.

Georgia Love sat in at the Studio 10 panel to describe the bizarre story, of Michael Dennis Boulton, an Aussie man recently convicted of being the mastermind behind the petty, and downright dirty crime - because he was sick of his girlfriend.

The plan was to end their relationship while on holiday, making the break-up easier at home because there would be no trace of her.

On Studio 10 recently, the Studio 10 panel, lead by Georgia Love, discussed the guy’s motives, and how much he had to pay his ex. Only $833. Jessica Rowe was OUTRAGED.

‘We should name and shame this person… he’s terrible!’ Jessica Rowe exclaimed. ‘We did.’

Georgia Love corrected.

What do you think?

Source: Studio 10

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