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What's In The Box, Sam? New Bachelor Promo Stuns!

If you've been following the Bachelor, you'll know that there are three girls left who could all legitimately be the one Sam chooses, not just because they're the final three, but because they each offer something that Bachie obviously really likes.

So, in the promo Channel 10 is running right now, Sam is looking at a little black box with intense concentration. What does it mean? Will he propose? Will he do a Bachie Blake and get down on one knee only to backtrack? Only time will tell!

This morning, Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Sam ahead of the finale and when speaking of the winner, said 'I've definitely made the right choice, that's for sure.'

As Kyle and Jackie O tried to trick him into telling them who the winner was, with ploys like, 'So glad she's great [the winner], what's the kid like?" to which he laughed and said, "You have to do better than that, Kyle."

When asked about the craziness with the papparazzi following his every move he said, 'The papparazzi part is ridiculous, but have absolutely no regrets and I'd do it again tomorrow if I was asked."

He also confirmed that contrary to popular belief, there were no two different endings.

When Jackie said, "I think you pick Lana, because you just seemed so romantic after last week's episode", he said "They have to show as much romance with each girl as they can, so as not to give the game away."

Oooh la la!

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