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Why Tziporah Had The Entire Camp Worried Sick

Tziporah has been an outspoken member of the I’m A Celebrity camp this season but her recent moods had the entire camp worried overnight.

So much so that her in camp ‘arch enemy’ Kris was scared for her mental health.

“Irrespective of their thoughts of me - I don't care about that - I just want to make sure that hopefully she's OK,” Kris said. 

Changes in her behaviour, followed by her storming out of camp in the middle of the night had a number of her campmates worried that she was going to bail on the TV show.

Thankfully she returned to camp but still was not her normal self.

Isolating herself so much so that she ate her breakfast in her sleeping bag underneath her sheets.

“I don't like looking at toxic people when you eat. It is bad for your digestion,” Tziporah was heard telling Keira.

“I think Tziporah is going through her own, um, challenges, and I just... I obviously am aware of that,” Keira said in the diary room.

Thankfully Tziporah began acting a little more like herself as the day drew on – drawing solace on the wisdom of Nazeem.

“I have been working on myself for the last, you know, few years, the walls have been coming down, which means that there are some fragile spots now,” she said.

“So, I'm not as ease-breezy as I used to be. 

“That will probably change, because I'm transitioning at the moment.”

Nazeem did his best to comfort her, however.

“Everything small becomes our world,” Nazeem said.

“You know, if you can tread lightly, lightly, that is how you avoid conflict.”

The former socialite hinted that it was a select few people that had her down.

 “I don’t think any of us here would choose to be with every single person that's here,” she said.

“Every single person in the camp has least one person that rubs them up the wrong way.”

Naz: Just try and enjoy it while you can.

Tziporah: Yeah, definitely. I want to enjoy myself more.

After their chat, Nazeem was content that he had calmed Tziporah and helped her mental state.

Both contestants planned on meeting up regularly one-on-one to speak candidly and work through their problems together.

A new alliance, perhaps?

“I could chat to Tziporah today,” Nazeem finally admitted in the diary room.

“She is in a much better place than she was last night and even this morning.”

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