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Would You Trust Your Friends To Set Up Your Dating Profile?

When it comes to online dating, we often look within ourselves to choose that perfect mate. But what if you've tried and tested it all with absolutely no luck?

What if you've used the same profile over and over to talk about those long walks on the beach or your love of dogs to no avail?

Well, this new website may be the answer you've been looking for.

Date My Friend is a new format that was created to deliver a new approach to online dating in Australia and adds a different element into the mix - your friends.

Former Bachelorette 2016 contestant, Jake Ellishas jumped on board as the social media face of this new type of dating.

Speaking exclusively with 973FM, he spoke about the benefits of Date My Friend.

"It's something really different that I had never heard of in Australia," Jake said. "The dating game has definitely changed over the years and there are so many dating apps and online websites that are run by bigger company's, that don't have that personal feel.

"It can be so daunting sometimes for people to be able to write about themselves and talk themselves up, whereas this website gives you the opportunity to have your wing-man or wing-girl, your best friend, really take the initiative and write the profile for you."

So why your friends? Well Jake thinks it's all to do with how they really "see" you.

(Jake with his Bachie Mates)

"Your friends see you in a different light than you see yourself," Jake said. "I feel like your friends would see your best qualities and have your best interests at heart."

The concept essentially takes what would happen if you were out with your friends, and puts it on an online forum.

Your mates can even leave reviews about who you are as a person - so choose them wisely!

Creator Tiffany Villaluz started Date My Friend because of a passion to play "matchmaker" and Jake believes this is the reason why this website is personal and effective.

"It's still got a similar feel to the other dating sites, except it's a lot more personal," he said. "Tiffany will answer all the enquiries personally because this is what she loves to do."

So what about Bachie Jake? What would his friends write about him?

"I think my friends would think I'm a lot of fun, with a big heart, very caring and family-orientated...or, they would love to say 'I'm a smart ass, loves to have a shot of fireball and thinks he can dance'."

Well there you have it folks, nothing like your friends to boost you up and tell the truth.

Boys will Be Boys 😎🤙🏻 #carrè #friends #goodtimes

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You can find out more about "Date My Friend" HERE or HERE and follow Jake on Instagram HERE.

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