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Reese From Malcolm In The Middle Is All Grown Up

Get ready to feel SUPER DUPER OLD because the kids from Malcolm In The Middle are fully fledged (business tycoon) adults. Well at least one is.

Justin Berfield, the actor who played Reese, the irritating second child and bully of the Wilkerson family, is now the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Virgin Produced.

You may recognise the name of this “little” company that he heads up – it just happens to be the film and television development, packaging and production arm of Sir Richard Branson’s empire, Virgin. Yes, THAT Virgin.

Under his watch, the (bloody brilliant) Virgin American flights safety video that plays before every flight, was produced (You can watch it above).


According to his bio on the website:

”As Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Virgin, Berfield oversees a full service development team responsible for the packaging and production of commercial quality film, television and digital short form content that is reflective of the Virgin brand.”

Well there you have it folks. The "You're not the boss of me" lyrics are super apt in his case!

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