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Yummy Mummies Is Definitely Our Next Trash TV Obsession

While scrolling through our Facebook feeds, we may have just discovered our next trashy reality TV holy grail. 

Yummy Mummies is advertised as coming soon to Channel 7 and OH MY GOD. 

All the drama of a Real Housewives episode - with pregnancy hormones in the mix.

And entire wardrobes of designer baby outfits. 

Even their pet dogs are more spoilt than we are. 

You have to watch the above teaser just to get a feel of how amazing this show could be. 

Honestly, if we were heavily pregnant right now, we'd be opting for trackies and a hot cup of tea instead of extravagant baby showers, mocktails and full hair, makeup and tube dresses on the regular. 

The icing on the cake moment, however, is when one of the mums-to-be gets her ultrasound photo copied onto a balloon. 

This show can't start soon enough! 

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