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Michael Turnbull's Dramatic Exit From Bachelor In Paradise!

By Isabella Lovric

Get out your popcorn kids, Bachelor In Paradise is about to get interesting!

We all remember Michael Turnbull, the soccer player who was rejected by Sam Frost. 

Well, New Weekly magazine reports that Michael Turnbull will have a major meltdown resulting in him leaving the show early.  

An insider reports in the publication that Michael “had a major meltdown and just had enough”.

The 36-year-old also told Now To Love that the continuous drama between the show's contestants affected his time on the show emotionally and mentally.

“I found it exhausting," Michael said. 

"There was a fight every single day and we all got dragged through it.”

It seems like the constant fighting and drama might lead to Michael's explosive exit in one of the shows upcoming episodes. 

Ooooo drama! 

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