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10 Signs You May Be Addicted To Your Phone

These days are phones are with us ALL. THE. TIME. 

They have become a life 'need'. 

Below is a list of 10 signs that you might be addicted to your phone... How many are you guilty of? 

  1. If you wake up at night, it's the first thing you reach for It may be innocent, like checking the time... but chances are you'll get distracted by new notifications and end up on it for a lot longer than you were expecting! Not only is this bad for your eyes, but it makes it a lot more difficult when you're trying to go back to sleep. 
  2. Whenever you're by yourself, your phone is glued to your hand You'd rather pretend you're texting or be on an app then show the whole world you're by yourself. 
  3. Your heart sinks when it slips below 30 percent 
    There's no real explanation for this except it just makes you anxious when you have very little battery. 
  4. You never have enough storage The 'no storage' notification is annoyingly present in your life right now. 
  5. You'd rather lose your wallet than your phone Whether it's because you had no money in it or because cards are free to replace and your phone isn't... it's most likely because you're addicted. 
  6. You can't start the day until you've scrolled through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat You choose social media over sleep - that's a big sign! 
  7. Even if you haven't had a new notification and have checked social media in the last 20 minutes You're on your phone even when you don't need to or haven't been notified to 
  8. When people invite you over for a phone-free dinner, it KILLS you Of course you want to chat and of course it's nice to have a break from it but you want it there... just in case. 
  9. You take it to the bathroom with you GROSS. Too far! 
  10. You panic if you can't feel or see your phone at all times Your reasoning? Something might happen and I need to be within two inches of it at ALL times okay? 

Source: Cosmo UK

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