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10 Things You Never Knew About Robbie Williams

'Rock DJ' features a sample of a song by Barry White
This is probably one of our most favourite Robbie songs, that was released in 2000. Even though it's so popular, most people wouldn't know that the 1977 track 'It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me' features so heavily in it!

After finishing school, Robbie was working as a double-glazing salesman...

A bit before Robbie joined Take That - Robbie was a salesman, selling double-glazing... Luckily he auditioned for Take That, and the rest is history...

Robbie Owes A Lot To His Mum!
It was Robbie's mum, who saw the ad for the Take That auditions in the local newspaper - knowing that her son was so talented. Thanks mum!

Robbie's Debut Single Did Not Reach Number 1
We can never forget how big a moment it was when Robbie left Take That. However all the publicity did not boost Robbie's early success. His cover of George Michael's 'Freedom' only rose to the number 2 position... Not bad though?! Robbie lost the top spot to The Spice Girls!

Robbie's Dad Is A Well Known British Comedian
Robbie's father, Pete Conway, was a comedian and singer as well - so with talent running in the family, it's no surprise Robbie got those genes too!

Robbie Williams Is Pretty Tall
Even though Robbie was the third tallest member of Take That - he is actually pretty tall, measuring 6 foot!

Robbie's Solo Record Contract Was Massive
In 2002, when Robbie signed with EMI for his solo record contract, it was a massive £80 million!! After signing, Robbie famously said "I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams" at a press conference in London.

Robbie Once Dated Cameron Diaz AND Nicole Appleton
We all know Robbie is married to hottie Ayda Field, but back in the day the singer was link with Cameron Diaz, and Nicole Appleton (from All Saints!), the latter of which was the wife of Liam Gallagher until 2014.

Robbie Holds the Record For The Most BRIT Award Wins
Wow! Robbie has won 17 BRIT awards over the last 20 years - including 5 with Take That.

Robbie Is Super Interested In UFOs & Aliens
This one is definitely our favourite. Robbie Williams is super into UFOs and all things about alien life. He developed this interest in 2007 while he took a break from music. He even appeared in a documentary about extra terrestrials AND claims to have seen three UFOs in his life.

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