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18-Year-Old “Upset” With His Ex Admits To Murdering Her

An 18 year old call Tanner Flores, 18, was ''upset'' after his girlfriend of more than a year, Ashley Doolittle, broke up with him.

When he was upset, he reportedly shot her in the head twice and drove her body more than five hours across Colorado.

He has now been charged with first-degree murder and second-degree kidnapping.

According to America's Fox 31, Flores's friends had never seen him ''so depressed'' after Doolittle broke up with him.

There is no clear reason as to why they broke up but one friend had reported that because of the split, Flores sent a ''suicidal in nature'' snapchat on June 8th, the night before Doolittle's mother reported her missing.

The Police believe that Flores took his father's revolver and used that to shoot Doolittle near a lake, as that's where Doolittle's car was found unattended.

Flores was arrested on June 10 after a neighbour saw him pulling a ''bundled up blanket'' out from the car. She also saw an arm sticking out of the bundle.

Soon after his arrest, Flores admitting shooting Doolittle in the head twice, cleaning her body up and kidnapping her corpse.

Doolittle's funeral is set to be held over the weekend and Flores is in custody with no option for bail.

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