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2018 Firefighters Calendar Features Kangaroos And Koalas!

If there’s one thing I wait for every year, like guys wait for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, it’s the release of the annual fireman calendar.

Guys with chiseled abs with no shirt on, looking at you like you’re the only girl in the world.


Well, you can imagine my delight when I realised that this year’s flock of firemen, is potentially their hottest yet.


This year's calendar is the 24th since the charitable project launched in 1993 - and to our delight, features puppies, koalas and wallabies - even WOMBATS.


The shots were taken in the iconic Steve Irwin Australia Zoo, and show the boys cuddling with the native wildlife among nature.


Being a part of the annual calendar is almost as difficult as it is for the supermodels to be part of the runway show; as the boys spend several months training and dedicated themselves to honing their flawless physiques for the chance to be picked as one of the 12 months.


And after being chosen the firemen are subjected to a 17-day gruelling photo shoot - the time it takes to snap a dozen perfect shirtless pictures.


The calendars can be purchased from here for only $20.

Source: Daily Mail

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