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Can You Guess The Number One Stressor Over The Holidays?

The silly season is over and a recent study has just shown that the number one stressor over the Xmas break wasn't family but rather being forced to spend time with your ex (for the sake of the kids).

The inevitable swapping households for children of separated families is part and parcel of the arrangement, but it often forces families to spend unwanted time together. 

This has lead to a rise in stress, mental exhaustion and overall raised anger levels, usually aimed at the ex-partner, which takes its toll during the already manic holiday period..

Doctors say the cure is normality, when the kids are back to school and a normal routine is re-established this level of anxiety is reduced.

Did you have to see your ex over summer? How did you cope? Did it blow up in your face?

SHARE your experiences below in the comments.

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