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A Phone Screen That’s IMPOSSIBLE To Break Is In Development

Cracking your phone screen is one of the worst things to happen to your smartphone. It’s generally not covered under standard warranty and can cost a fair few hundred dollars to fix if you don’t want to go to a dodgy mall kiosk and risk voiding your warranty. 

Research by the Australian National University (ANU) could potentially help lead to the development of a shatter-proof glass for smartphones. Lead researcher Charles Le Losq said that not much is actually known about the structure of the glass, called alumino-silicate, that is used in smartphones. 

Dr Le Losq said that he and a small team of researchers added elements such as sodium and potassium to the glass., forming a new nano-structure on an atomic level. He said that these findings could lead to a glass that is more flexible and resistant to fractures. 

If you’re holding out that the next new iPhone will contain this new glass, you better prepare to be waiting longer. Dr Le Losq has said that, “we are talking timeframes of maybe 5 to 10 years,” and that, “this will require further work of course and will also require some collaboration with the industry.”

Oh well, maybe one day in the some-what near future we’ll be able to live a life that doesn’t involve stressing about cracking your smartphone screen. 

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