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A Rock Climbing Disco Is On This Friday Night!

By Isabella Lovric

If you haven’t made crazy Friday night plans yet, Urban Climb in Milton has got your back!

Urban Climb's event, Boulder Bangers, will have you rock climbing and jamming out to live DJ sets under the disco lights. Headlining the event are local DJ acts, 'Were two', 'Eldelpha' and 'Rohan The Intern' who will be providing some serious bangers.

And when you start to feel famished, The Waffle Shmaffle food truck will be there to fulfil your needs. Oh, and did we mention there is free coffee so you can party all night long!? (well just to 9.30pm).

This sounds like a pretty perfect Friday night to us - rock climbing, tunes and treats! 

When: Friday the 16th at 6 pm - 9.30 pm. 

Where: 17 Roy Street, Milton, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4064

Cost: No cost, other than the normal price of entry.

Get further details here!

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