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Boy Calls 911 To Stop The Grinch From Stealing Christmas

If you haven't seen the classic Christmas film 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas' then you really haven't lived - but that's another story - for now let me give you a quick recap.

Basically, the Grinch is this grumpy green monster (who's sarcasm might I add a LOT of people relate to...).


The Grinch detests all things christmas because of something that happened in his childhood and so he decides to steal Christmas from the town of Whoville by ruining all of their decorations and taking all of their presents.

But if little TyLon Pittman from Byram, Mississippi had anything to do with it, there was no way that he was going to let the Grinch get away with his crime.

And so the five-year-old called 911 to alert the local police that the Grinch was planning to steal Christmas - cue the "Naaawwwwww" reactions.

"I just want to tell you something," said TyLon to a 911 operator.

"Watch out for the Grinch, because the Grinch is going to steal Christmas, Ok?"

The police department found the call so darn adorable, and how could you not, that they paid little TyLon a visit and asked him how the Grinch should be punished for his crime.

"I want y'all to come back to my house and take him to jail," replied Pittman.

He then corroborated his claims about the Grinch by showing him the footage (the movie) that he had seen about the Grinch's evil plan on his phone.

To reward TyLon for his heroic behaviour in saving Christmas the police actually invited him down to the station where they had a guy dressed up as the Grinch waiting in a police car.

They even let the little boy escort the Grinch into the station and lock him up. That'll teach anyone from even THINKING about trying to steal Christmas ever again!

TyLon hopes to become a police officer one day and with the promise that he's showing at such a young age, we have no doubt that he'll do wonders fighting crime and catching baddies.

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