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Aldi's Latest Special Buy Has Caused Massive Controversy

Aldi has come under fire on social media after the supermarket made a decision to stock a "transgender" children’s book, 'The Boy In A Dress'.

The novel, which was created by David Walliams, has angered mothers due to its title, which alludes to a boy wearing a dress.

One Australian woman was so angered that she posted on Aldi Australia’s Facebook page saying "Aldi - we are so very disappointed in your decision to stock a book within your store - relating to transgenderism in children."

"Apparently it's available on Wednesday Sept 6th," she continued.

"We would ask that you reconsider your choice to sell it! Family and children must be protected in times where there are those whose agenda is to groom and sexualise them! We ask you to have a conscience in this matter!"

The comment has now attracted hundreds of shares, with one mother saying Some agreed with the mother's post, writing things like: "I can assure you that none of these books would be acceptable in my home. I am disgusted and horrified that you are promoting a transsexual agenda that the vast majority of parents would find totally unacceptable.

"You are helping to confuse and undermine children's sense of identity and I believe this is a form of child abuse. I hope and pray that you will withdraw these books straight away."

Another wrote: "Inappropriate books for children. I spend big dollars shopping from your store and have been on regular basis since you came in our area for years now. 

"My way of boycotting and saying to you you are exploiting our very young and have no right to push this debate."

Other mothers were quick to say "Cheers Aldi for unintentionally ridding your stores of bigoted customers. Who knew a children's book could be so powerful?"

Another added: "Well done Aldi for selling a book that actually teaches kids about acceptance and tolerance. No wonder I continue to shop there.' "

The book was made into a film for TV in 2014, starring Kate Moss and Jennifer Saunders. 

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