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Chilling Moment Six Fireballs Appear In The Sky

A bizarre video of six, floating orbs of light in the sky has sent the internet into a tizzy, with many viewers claiming the sighting as proof that aliens do exist.

The video was allegedly filmed above a village in Ukraine in September but has only just appeared online, quickly going viral.

It shows the lights hovering in what appears to be a formation for several minutes before they suddenly, one by one, start to fall out of the sky.

The user who uploaded the clip explained in the caption that there was no way the orbs were Chinese lanterns "because there's no canopies or flames."

Viewers were quick to share their own opinions, with comments ranging from declarations of belief to explanation attempts.

"I've filmed several UFOs," one posted. "The most fascinating videos are the ones shot in the day-time. Yes they're real!"

Another argued that the sighting was that of a "bunch of man-made drones maybe".

Eventually Ukraine's military waded into the debate, with a spokesperson revealing that the lights were actually targets being used by the Marines during a training drill.

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