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ASOS Wheels Out Inclusive Wheelchair-Friendly Designs

ASOS has done it again! ASOS has launched a campaign for creating clothing that thinks about the needs of people with disabilities.

In addition to creating clothing tailored for specific body types i.e. tall, petite, curve, maternity etc., creating collections specifically to raise money and awareness for many charities, support the LGBT+ community by collaborating with GLAAD and not to mention their inclusive af model casting, ASOS is a bloody force to be reckoned with when it comes to spearheading the affordable, inclusive fashion revolution. They've now taken the next step and have started rolling out designs specifically for people with disabilities.

Chloe Ball-Hopkins- a BBC reporter, para-athlete and a wheelchair user, shared that she's been working with the company to help make fashion accessible.

The 'product details' have said that the jumpsuit is 'not just any jumpsuit'. The jumpsuit is completely waterproof, but warm inside. It also actually zips apart so it can be worn together as a tracksuit or jumpsuit, or even as seperate pieces.

In ASOS' statement they've said "We've adapted it to be wheelchair-friendly. The hem is a little longer at the back to stop it riding up when getting from A to B. Think baggy, casual and adjustable."

ASOS have been getting all kinds of snaps for their inclusivity projects recently and this is no exception.

A writer for Metro UK, and wheelchair user has also written a think-piece about her experience with fashion and why this is incredible for people in her situation.

"My message to ASOS: keep up the good work, you probably don’t realise the positive impact using disabled models has on the disabled community who often feel segregated and undervalued, as we most certainly live in a ‘disabling’ world."

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