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Australia, Meet Your New Bachelorettes!

Following months of speculation of who would be the Bachelor, we found out it was Richie.

Now, after seeing tiny clips of the Bachelorettes on teasers, we are finally able to give you a sneak peek of the girls who want to win Richie's heart!

The Bachelorettes range in age from 23 to 34 and hail from all over the country.

According to Channel Ten, all of the girls are very different and the only thing they share a passion for, is finding 'the one'.

Richie Strahan will take the girls on a series of memorable dates and cocktail parties as he tries to figures out which girl he wants as his girlfriend.

These are this year's Bachelorettes:


For Victoria there are six ladies, with business development manager Aimee, venue manager Alex, artist Georgia, project manager Laura, executive assistant Sasha and personal trainer Tolyna.

For New South Wales, there is event co-ordinator Eliza, account manager Keira, personal assistant Kiki, yoga instructor Marja, former professional athlete Mia and make up artist Olena.

Queensland brings four beauties, hairdresser Faith, children's entertainer Janey, swimwear designer Noni and massage therapist Vintaea.

Speaking to Channel Ten as to why she wanted to be part of the Bachelor, Janey said ''If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got. And I want to fall in love."

South Australia brings one girl - customer support manager Sophie. 

Over the other side of the country, Western Australia brings five Bachelorettes; health promotions officer Megan, communications officer Natalie, support worker Rachael, training administrator Tiffany and real estate agent Nikki.

Speaking ahead of meeting the Bachelorettes, Richie said ''When that first girl walks towards me, I’m just hoping I can be a cool cat, smile and not fall over".

"One of these girls could be someone that I spend the rest of my life with and I can’t wait to meet her. All I can do is be myself.''

We can't wait to see how they all go!

The Bachelor Australia is coming soon to Channel Ten.

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