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Australians Fooled By A New Scam That Looks Seriously Legit

Australians have been targeted by scammers pretending to be retailing giant Amazon, promising them $500 vouchers.

The scammers are using Amazon’s announcement of their expansion into Australia as a hook.

Australians have received a legitimate-looking email offering them $500 Amazon vouchers to those who click on the link and provided feedback about the company.

The email's subject line was, "Amazon Card for you. Confirm before it expires,’’ the email featured the Amazon logo and a cartoon of a man holding a clipboard saying ‘confirm my voucher’.

The email says the "expansion of Amazon into Australia is fast approaching. We will soon begin operating brick and mortar distribution and retail centres [sic] in all states across Australia."

It continues, "Of course, Aussie consumers are no strangers to Amazon. In the past few years, we have built a strong relationship with you and we are here to say thank you!

"In order to express our gratitude towards Aussie consumers, we are coming to you with a $500 Amazon Voucher.

"We have 80 Vouchers to give away this weekend.

All you need to do is: Confirm receiving this email by clicking here.

Give us your opinion about Amazon. The email then signed off saying it was from the ‘Prime Team’ which refers to Amazon’s fast shipping membership product.

Amazon has not spoken about the incident.

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