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Australia's TV Breakfast Show Rivalry Has Just Got Brutal

Australia’s breakfast TV shows are at war!

After Channel 9 had claimed it’s Today show was number one for the year, according to published rating figures, Channel 7 threatened legal action against the Today show as they believed Sunrise was number one.

The case has now been dismissed and dropped by one of the networks, however, it is not clear who has dropped the case.

Lisa Wilkinson has tweeted saying ‘’Channel 7 drops its court case and now concedes Today Show as won the official OZTAM breakfast sow ratings for 2016.’’

Minutes after that, host of Sunrise Samantha Armytage tweeted saying ‘Great news; Channel 9 concedes Sunrise is Australia’s number 1 breakfast show. And settles case. Thanks for saving us court costs.’’

On the official ratings, Channel 9 is officially ahead but the rating year has not ended yet, so Channel 7’s argument is, is that they cannot claim a lead until the year is out.

If there’s one thing going on here, it’s a bitter rivalry… Which one do you watch?

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