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Belle Gibson Says She Won't Face Punishment For Cancer Hoax

Last year, Belle Gibson's wellness empire, The Whole Pantry, came crashing down because it was uncovered her entire "journey" was a big fat lie.

She started her app and claimed to have cured herself of brain cancer through her "lifestyle".

Her story started to unravel last year when it was revealed that she didn't donate to charities that she pledged to.

People from her past also came out saying she has always had a history of lying.

She'll soon be investigated by Consumer Affairs Victoria, but ahead of the investigation she told the Sunday Herald Sun, she doubts she will be punished at all.

When asked is she had been charged yet, she said "Of course not," and when asked if she thought she would be charged she said, "No, I don't think I will."

But people think she should be charged on the grounds of fraud, as she convinced many sick people to believe her story and her health tips.

She went on 60 Minutes with Tara Brown last year to explain herself.

“Tara, I have lost everything. I’m not here to regain it. When you hit rock bottom there is only an opportunity to be honest and heal and apologise. I’m here to do that.”

Belle's mother, who previously spoke out against her daughter, showed her heartbreak at the way Belle was publicly shamed on 60 Minutes.

"Belle told a white lie... So what?" she told the Herald Sun.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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