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Beloved Family Pets First & Last Photos

Regardless of the type of pet you may have they soon become part of the family, and when we have to say our final goodbyes it can be a really tough period to go through....

To help pet owners combat their grief, a trend has taken off where people post the first and last photos ever taken of their pet, and if they wish also leave a message about how their pet changed their lives.

These pictures will strike a chord for anyone who's had a four legged friend enter the family unit and change them for the better. 

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Pets First And Last Pics
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“His first day with us and his last. 4 years goes by in the blink of an eye. Goodbye, Wally.”
“My girlfriend’s dog, Nala. She lived to the ripe old age of 17 and a half.”
“My very first and very last day with my dog, Coco.”
“First (2000) and last (2014) pics of Bert.”
“Our first and last pictures together. Mortimer, 1991-2010.”
“RIP Lizzy. First and last photos ever.”
“Here’s the first picture I took of our cat Simba and one of the last.”
“My dog passed away after 13 years together. Our first and last day together.”
“Goodbye, Figaro.”
“My best friend is now gone after 10 years of friendship. This is her first and last picture.”
“Charlie the Skunk’s first and last day. She was the most cuddly animal in the world.”
“Our first and last days with our beautiful Lucie.”
“Our first and last day with Ruby.”
“My Micky on his first and last day at my house.”
“First picture to your last. You’ve taught me so much Zoey, and you are missed.”
“She was my best friend. May partner in crime. Love you lady, always and forever.”
"Kazak at 6 weeks and 6 years"
“Our last doggy selfie.”
“18 long years we spent together & you’ll always be my best friend.”
“Had to say goodbye to our companion of 14 years today. Here are his pictures from his first month and last month with us.”
“She was my best deaf girlfriend for 24 years.”
“From the first ‘hi’ to the final ‘goodbye’, this is the best dog I’ve ever had.”
“Deva’s first (2001) and last (2016) photos. My teacher. My friend. My heart.”
“From the day we adopted her to her final hours.”
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