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Guy Who Discovered KFC's Weird Twitter Follows Immortalised

You might remember last month the internet went absolutely bonks over KFC’s Twitter account.

Quick refresher: KFC is known for its 11 herbs and spices, right? The 11 accounts they follow on Twitter are six people named Herb and the five Spice Girls.

Minds were blown. People were screaming.


Anyway, the guy who reportedly ‘discovered’ their perfectly on-brand secret wink, is back in the news.   

KFC commissioned a painting for him. And it’s heckin' glorious.


The internet is, naturally, sceptical.

One Redditor said that not only did the guy (known as ‘Edge’ on Twitter) work in PR, that the painting was just another ad, created by ad agency Wieden+Kennedy - whose also made ads for Nike, Old Spice, Samsung, and Coca-Cola.

“His Twitter account for the past few months is a bunch of posts about Yum Brands' two main stores, KFC and Taco Bell,” the Redditor said.

“100% this entire thing is a full set up and this wasn't some random guy who just happened to discover the 11 Twitter followers of KFC.”

Edge has since spoken out about the comments.

Whatever the situation, it's still one helluva yarn: either this guy is either ridic clever to have worked it out, or KFC has played the ultimate long game.

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