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British Airways Reunited Couple Living 16,000km Apart

It’s not all that often that big companies stop and think of the little people - helping them out when they need it the most.

When we saw that British Airways had a new story for their BAMagic initiative, we knew it’d be good.

After all, they’re the same company that are responsible for those magic billboards, that told you exactly which plane was flying over when.

In their latest video, they surprised same sex couple Lisa and Hayley.

Hayley, a Brisbane girl, was forced to leave her wife after moving to the UK, to look after her parents, who were both very ill.

She hasn’t seen her wife, family or beloved puppy since Valentine’s Day this year.

But after seeing an ad for BA Magic, Lisa got in touch with British Airways and asked for their help.

In what was one of the most epic, heartwarming surprises ever, the airline surprised Hayley during a conference and told her that she and her mum, who suffers from severe Muscular Dystrophy, were headed to the UK for a two week holiday, business class - the very next day.

She was overwhelmed - and to be honest, so were we.

Good on you, British Airways!

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