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Charlie Sheen’s Former Girlfriend ‘Couldn’t Be More Angry”

Charlie Sheen's former porn star girlfriend Bree Olson is devastated Sheen lied to her about his HIV condition. 

Olson has reportedly said Sheen told her repeatedly "I'm clean. I'm clean". 

Talking to Howard Stern following Sheen's Today interview, Olson said "I am so upset. I couldn't be more angry. I'm shaking. I have been crying. To think that someone could do that to me". 

Olson, 29, is HIV negative. 

She also claims she found out about Sheen's status "right along with everyone else". 

"Three days ago I started getting calls ... Fox and a whole bunch of other people started getting at me in emails. Even I wanted to blow it off 'Oh this is just another Charlie thing. I don't even believe this". 

The pair dated for a year and Olson live with Sheen for about six months from late 2010 into early 2011. 

Sheen told Lauer in the Today interview that he learned of his diagnosis four years ago, but didn't state exactly when in 2011 that was. 

"Just because I'm a former sex worker, I'm a human being. I have a family. I have a future. I'm doing so many positive things now and to thing you could have taken that away from me, that you were knowingly doing that" Olson said. "He doesn't even value my life. Luckily, there's enough medications and stuff now that people with HIV, they can lead a full life. But if someone goes without knowing and there's plenty of girls I'm sure, that he's had in his life where they don't go get tested regularly like I do with the types of lives that they lead - and it turns into AIDS, it becomes a whole different ballgame." 

Olson then tweeted about the experience of getting HIV tested a day before Sheen's announcement. 

Olson also said she hadn't spoken to Sheen in quite some time but that she "loved him" while they were together. "I have spoken nothing but positive things about Charlie. I have never said a negative thing. I have never torn him apart in any way, but I am so upset". 

Source: Buzzfeed

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