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Corey Worthington Apologises To His Dad With This Gift

Red Balloon have enlisted Australia's party boy, Corey Worthington is their latest Father's Day campaign.

The ad, a part of the 'Clean the Slate' campaign, shows the former wild child buying his dad a biplane ride as an apology for his wild ways growing up.

Worthington became instantly famous back in 2008 after he threw a party that ended up out of control.

More than 500 people turned up to the house party, after he posted the details on Myspace.

The police shut the party down and his parent's house was trashed.

According to Red Balloon, more than 75% of Australians admit to doing something wrong by their Dad.

“Everyone remembers Corey Worthington, and a lot of people felt for his poor dad back in 2008 when the story hit the headlines. We wanted to help Corey clean the slate in a creative way," Nick Baker, the CEO of Red Balloon said.

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