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Could This Phone App Prevent Online Bullying Among Our Kids?

Growing up in the world of technology can be an amazing thing... but it's also a minefield of online bullying, vulnerability and new challenges. 

Cath Johnsen from Be A Fun Mum has opened up about an app that she uses to help navigate these problems. 

The app named Bosco is a way to keep tabs on your child's online behaviour online - without completely crossing lines of privacy. 

Alerts are sent if the app detects cyber bullying, location alerts can be set up - there's also an alert that is sent if your child's phone battery dips below 15% and gives the location of where they are at that time. 

"It does ensure the child's privacy, you have to have their consent to have the app installed on their phone," Johnsen told Channel 9 News. 

"And for example if they were to receive some pornographic images on their phone you would be alerted that there weas inappropriate content but you wouldn't know the exact nature of that content.

"It doesn't replace those face to face interactions... but it does give you a heads up."

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