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Couple NAIL Real Life 'Face Swap' For Halloween

Being a day ahead of the US means that, but now, some of the epic Halloween costumes are starting to make their way through social media.

And so far, despite its simplicity, this one is completely blowing our minds.

One of the freakiest and fun features of Snapchat is ‘face swap’, where you can swap your face with other people (and inanimate objects, LOL).

If you don’t get into Snapchat, you might remember the Nicholas Cage and John Travolta action movie ‘Face Off’.

Whatever you want to call it - Face Swap or Face Off - this couple totally nailed it.

They went as each other... 


...and the internet went buck wild.

“You just wanted an excuse to do his eyebrows,” wrote one Redditor.

“I didn't realise it until this comment. I thought they did the blood in actual makeup and then did a face swap. This is so much more impressive now," said another.

"Holy hell it took me quite a lot of staring to figure out what was actually happening, bravo, but what's it like being married to yourself?" was another.

The woman, only known as Nikki, said that no Photoshop was used for the picture, just her makeup artistry skills.

She also described her husband as a “great sport”.


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