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Couples That Lose Weight Together, Stay Together

To lose weight and keep it off you need the support of family and friends to help you achieve your goal.

And one of the best ways to spur yourself on and stay to your plan is to work with someone else with the same desire to lose weight.

These couples decided the time was right to lose some serious kilo's, either before they get married, or when they want to renew their vows looking younger and fitter after dropping weight together.

Take a look at these couples who love each other, and love losing weight!

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Couples That Lose Weight Together, Stay Together
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This couple have lost 330kgs between them and have started calling themselves 'The Thincredibles'
This couple lost an astonishing 152kgs between them after being disappointed with their wedding photos
This pair have lost over 147kgs between them since 2013
Over two years this couple dropped 226kgs together
Four years after their marriage, this couple dropped a collective 107kgs
Mark lost 136kgs and his wife lost 39kgs
Wow! Between them this couple have shed 244kgs
This couple lost 60 kgs before their wedding
This couple were named Slimmers couple of the year after they lost an incredible 139kgs between them both
This couple have lost 45kgs all up
This couple refused to walk down the aisle until they got in shape, five years later they married
WHAT? Over two years this couple managed to lose 226kgs between them!
These two lost 82kgs between them
This couple lost 63kgs and look younger now than there wedding photo from 1994!
This couple met in a health clinic and together lost 234kgs combined
This couple sold their car so they would walk more and between them have shed 95kgs
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