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Cyclists Take Up Entire Lane, But Who Has The Right Of Way?

An angry motorist has fired up after being stuck behind a large group of cyclists riding in the middle of a suburban street. ‎

Bruce Newton has uploaded a video to Facebook after he was forced to drive behind the bike riders in Perth.

Mr Newton wrote: 'Typical racing bike riders, and there is a bike path on the river, but no they had to take up the whole lane for two kilometres… at times five abreast and over the white line so no one could get past, made it hard to leave a gap between my car and them.'

In the video Mr Newton is driving along the road as the group of cyclists ride ahead of him.

Mr Newton can be heard saying, 'And they wonder why accidents happen,'  

'F****** bike riders taking up the whole road barely doing 20 km/ph.'

So, who do you think has right of way...?

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