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Dog Went To Halloween As A ‘Mop’ And My Heart Can't Take It

When it comes to choosing a Halloween costume, it can be really hard to choose something that suits you - and that’ll impress - unless of course you already have the perfect look.

One silly little doggo in Kentucky in the U.S. went as the perfect outfit - a mop.

With his long, dreadlock-style hair, when placed in a cleaner’s bucket and a handle poked in behind him, you’d be forgiven for thinking his owner was walking door to door offering to spruce up your front yard.

2 Point Farm LLC unloaded the pic, with the caption, ‘That would be a mop dog, also known as a Puli. A crowd favorite :)’

Too bloody right.

That pink tongue, what a legend! Keri, as we learned is the doggo’s name, is a Hungarian Puli.

He was part of MainStrasse Paw-Rade, a Halloween parade for pets in Covington, Kentucky, on Sunday.

We’re obsessed with this cleaning cutie.

Keki for President.

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