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Easter Treat That Could Kill Your Dog And It's Not Chocolate

Dog owners are being warned not to feed their fur friend even a single bite of hot cross buns this Easter, as it can literally KILL them.

While millions of us chow down on the yummy treat, a Brisbane has revealed that a single bite of the seasonal treat could cause your pooch to develop serious kidney problems.

Dr Emily Cook, from the Animal Referral Hospital, said the issue is with the raisins in hot cross buns, however experts are still unsure why.


Speaking to Yahoo Seven she revealed that, 'Some dogs are fine and others develop acute kidney problems'

'The flesh and skin of the raisins toxic and if ingested by dogs they need to be immediately sent to hospital if they eat them.'

'Being Easter, more products are on the market at the moment and people like to just toss their dog a bit of raisin toast or a hot cross bun at breakfast, but even one raisin could be lethal,' she said.

Adorable pooch Ellie was rushed to hospital after she started foaming from the mouth after eating an entire loaf of raisin bread.

She was placed on a drip and had the entire contents of her stomach emptied.

If untreated she may have developed symptoms of kidney failure such as vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, increased thirst and abdominal pain.

The Brisbane animal hospital posted to their Facebook page: 'Tempted to share a hot cross bun with your best mate? Unfortunately hot cross buns are toxic to dogs and it’s the inoffensive sultana that causes all the trouble,'

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