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Ed Sheeran Earns SO MUCH Money It Will Make You Feel Sick!

Linda Evangelista once famously told Vogue she and fellow supermodel Christy Turlington “don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day.”

Well, believe it or not records have revealed Ed Sheeran won't get out of bed for less than $50,000. The former busker takes home a whopping $50,000 Australian a day.... yes, a day! 

A photo posted by edsheeran 😸 (@edsheeran) on

According to accounts sent to Companies House, the singing sensations made a cool $18 million in pre-tax profits last year, double what he earnt the previous year.  

A photo posted by edsheeran 😸 (@edsheeran) on

A photo posted by edsheeran 😸 (@edsheeran) on

Despite his growing wealth, the 25-year-old is said to be careful with his money. When he's not travelling, Ed resides in a $1.5 million property close to his parent's house in Framlingham, Suffolk. Sherran once stated he enforces a $1000 a month budget on himself, which he said most gets spent on taxis. 

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