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Ellen Pompeo Slams Network For Promoting KKK Docu-Series

Documentary / Reality TV has given as a sneak peek into the everyday lives of people from all walks of life. 

From different religious sects, polygamous families, the rich, the poor, the marginalised. 

But an upcoming series called "Generation KKK" set to appear on A&E has ruffled a few feathers.

One such person that has not taken the TV show's development lightly is Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo. 

While she doesn't want to give the show more attention that it is getting already, the actress obviously has strong feelings on the issue.

Especially with the timing of the show capitalising on the Donald Trump presidency coming into play. 

The main moral question that has been raised surrounds whether creating a TV show around the KKK is purely informative or if it begins to normalise their ideologies. 

However A&E insist the show is trying to work with activists to expose and end hatred - which is so often passed down as legacy in the KKK. 

Would you consider watching a show about the KKK or would you boycott at all costs? 

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