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Adelaide woman ruins parents’ $10k bench top with fake tan

Fake tan has ruined plenty of dresses, sheets, and nights out in the rain but this young Aussie woman copped its full wrath when she spilt an entire bottle of it on something particularly expensive at her parents’ place.

The now-anonymous woman has made headlines as far as the Daily Mail in the UK after resorting to posting on Facebook about the damage the One Night bottle had done.

In her plea for help to a make-up enthusiasts group on Facebook, she wrote: “Last night my bottle of One Night tan tipped over and leaked and stained my parents $10,000 granite bench top.

“Does anyone know of anything to get the stain out before I get murdered?

“I currently have bi carb soda paste on it but not sure if that will even work.”

She also posted this photo evidence of the stain...


The woman said she had about a week before her father was due home and was “freaking out” about how he would react.

Other Facebook users were quick to make suggestions, with magic erasers proving popular, along with but there were also some less conventional options given like Gumption, Selley’s Mould Killer, alcohol, AJAX baking soda spray, anti-dandruff shampoo mixed with bi-carb, hairspray and even soft-drink.

“Call a company that specialises in granite repairs first thing tomorrow,” wrote one logical Facebook user. “You may actually set the stain more if you apply random products to it.”

Another wrote: “I don’t know if it will work but (Isocol) worked on purple shampoo stain sin my sink!”

And simply this: “I would try coke.”

Since media outlets picked up on this woman’s misfortune, internet jokesters have come out with their advice.

“Buy another gallon and paint the rest, they’ll never notice,” wrote ‘TJE’

‘Lornamcm’ wrote what we think was a joke: “Plaster of Paris will draw this out. Combine plaster of Paris and water and mix for a paste the consistency of peanut butter. Spread over the stain and allow to dry. Then brush away.”

The woman herself might have come up with the only way out though.

“If it doesn't go away by the time my dad comes home I'll just put something over the top of it,” she responded.

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