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Fiona The Hippo Is Getting A Second Season Of Her Show

If you know good watching, you’ll know all about Fiona the Hippo.

Season two of the show is coming at you, from Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden - and will focus on Fiona’s first birthday - because who doesn’t want to join in on the fun?!

For your information, Fiona, after coming into the world last year, has become the star of Cincinnati Zoo, with people becoming obsessed with watching her and keeping up with her progress.

“The Zoo’s nutritionist and commissary staff have prepared a one-of-a-kind cake for the birthday girl, and it will be fun to let everyone see her reaction to that,” said Christina Gorsuch, Cincinnati Zoo’s curator of mammals, in a statement.

“The world has been watching her ups and downs this past year, so we think people will want to see her enjoying her big day.” When Fiona was born six weeks premature, she weighed only 29 pounds—about half the normal birth weight for a hippo. “The fact that she’s alive today is a bit of a miracle,” Gorsuch said.

Originally, only the first year of Fiona’s life was supposed to be documented, but her over-the-top personality convinced them to do a second season.

“Fiona’s a healthy, normal hippo at this point and most of her big milestones are behind her,” said Chad Yelton, Cincinnati Zoo’s vice president of communications. “She seems to like being in the spotlight, so we’ll continue as long as that’s the case.”

Season two kicks off on January 24 - check it out via her Facebook page.

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