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Footy Fan Fakes Having A Disability To Get Better Seats

A footy fan in Melbourne has sparked debate after he admitted to pretending he had a DISABILITY, just so he could get better seats to a game on the weekend.

An anonymous user on Reddit (who now appears to have deleted their account) bragged they had gone to the extraordinary length of actually hiring a motorised scooter just so they would have access to a cheaper and better positioned seat at Etihad Stadium.

The person wrote: “Protip: hiring a mobility scooter and buying a $17 standing ticket at Etihad gets you in a $70 seats"


Almost immediately he was attacked for his actions by fellow Redditors.

"You disgust me." commented one

"Letting go of human decency: priceless" wrote another

“Firstly, that’s a s*** thing to do. Secondly, standing is the same as GA [general admission’, so just find a seat in the GA area without taking a legitimately disabled person’s space.” said another

Amazingly, some people actually applauded his actions.

“Well played sir,” replied one user, with another calling the cunning scheme “great”.

Others also leapt to his defence, one calling it a “good job” and another claiming, “It also allows you to jump the queue at the airport.”

What do you think, was this extremely poor form, or did this guy simply get away with a harmless prank? 

Courier Mail


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