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Forget A Night Light Glow In The Dark Blankets Are New Trend

How we didn't think of this earlier, we'll never know. 

Forget the night light or those 90s glow in the dark stars plastered all over the walls and roof (remember those!?).

The millennial answer to warding off monsters is a the glow in the dark blanket. 

The genius product glows for eight hours at a time and doesn't involve any electricity or toxic paints, so it is perfect for the little ones in your life (or the more grown up ones if you're not a huge fan of the dark...). 


Currently in prototype stage on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, Force Field Cloaks are being marketed as the easy way to comfort those bedtime fears for kids. 

"Remember when we were kids and afraid of the dark- unable to fall asleep for fear of monsters under the bed or in the closet?" their proposal states. 

"We would hide under our blankets because we believed they had the power to protect us.


"Millions of children worldwide experience fear of the dark at night, and parents struggle to find a solution.

"The Force Field™ Cloak helps children feel safe, eliminating the fear of the dark and allowing them to get a good night's rest."

Not gonna lie... the thought of a glow in the dark blanket fort has us kinda hoping someone buys one for us! 


The Force Field comes in a range of different colours and looks just as aesthetically pleasing when the lights are on. 

Considering it has raised almost US$300k (967% of their initial target) there is definitely a demand. 

First orders are scheduled to begin shipping in late December of January. 

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