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"Foul Person" Caught "In The Act" On Uber Dashcam

A shocking video released by a furious Uber driver shows the moment a "foul" passenger reaches into and empties his tip jar just before she is dropped off at her destination.

In the dashcam footage, which was reportedly filmed in New York City, the girl sitting in the middle seat can be seen eyeing the camera as she brazenly stretches forward and sticks her fingers into the box on the centre console.

While she initially snatches back her empty hand, the unnamed woman goes back for a second go right as her friend opens the car door, grabbing a fistful of cash and sliding straight out of the car.

The understandably angry driver only realised something was wrong after the trio had run across the street and looked down to see the jar had been emptied.

He's now slamming Uber for their "inadequate" first response - which advised him that Uber were unable to remedy the situation and to file a police report - although the rideshare company has now banned the passenger from their service.

"What's been shown has no place on our app and the rider's access to the app has been removed," a spokesperson told The Daily Mail.

Users on internet forum Reddit have now piled on the captured woman, describing her theft as "a special kind of low".

"That's what gets me, she's staring right at the camera," one wrote while another added: "What a foul person she is."

A third, an ex-taxi driver, revealed that the disgusting act is more common than people think.

"You'd be surprised how violent and petty people will be over $10," they shared. "I've been spit on, punched, called all kinds of names simply for asking for the money owed to me on the meter.

"I can totally see them stealing tips without a second thought."

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