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FRIENDS Themed Monopoly Is Now A Thing!

Monopoly has to be the board game to end all board games. Not just because it brings out the extreme competitive nature in all of us but also because the game continues to release versions dedicated to all of our favourite pop-culture shows.

We’ve seen Disney, Simpsons, Star Wars and even Pokemon versions of the iconic game and now their newest creation has us going, “Oh…MY…GAWWWDD”.


A FRIENDS themed version of Monopoly has emerged (i.e one of the greatest sitcoms of all time) and seriously could we BE anymore excited?

Die hard fans who get their hands on this version of Monopoly will have the choice of six different playing pieces that represent each of the six friends on the show. You can choose from Rachel’s handbag, Ross’ Dinosaur, Monica’s chef’s hat, Phoebe’s acoustic guitar, Joey’s pizza and what is already our favourite piece, Chandler’s sweater vest.

Each square will have a different episode reference or an iconic FRIENDS moment on it to represent the properties that each player will fight to purchase such as ‘Rachel finds out’, Central Perk tab, ‘Giant Poking Device’ and Apartment 20.

And instead of having the usual train stations that can be found on the traditional monopoly the FRIENDS version has the ‘Relaxi Taxi’.

As the board circles around from start to finish the players will journey through each episode until they reach the two most expensive squares labelled ‘The Last One, Part 1’ and ‘The Last One, Part 2’.

Seriously we are so darn keen to whip out this version of monopoly at our next game night! And if you’re not excited, well just keep that to yourself because that’s a moo point. You know, a moo point? Like a cow’s opinion. It doesn’t matter. It’s moo…


Any who, the FRIENDS Monopoly board game is out now but off course we wouldn’t suggest purchasing it if you’re as competitive as Monica. No one wants a repeat of the dictionary incident.

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