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Full House Is Celebrating Its 30th Anniversary

Can you believe what you are reading right now?

Full House is celebrating its 30th anniversary since the premiere date and just like everyone else, the stars of the show themselves, cannot quite believe it.

In this exclusive BTS video from Netflix, the cast talk about being part of one of the most loved family sitcoms on television.

“This is something that has shaped my entire life,” OG middle sister Jodie Sweetin (aka Stephanie) said.

John Stamos, AKA Uncle Jesse, is still, if not ever than before, an absolute BABE, and talks about the family dynamic.

“People have related more and more to this show the longer it’s been on,” he said. “We certainly didn’t know, but we were like the first, you know, Modern Family — the new normal.”

The video also features interviews with Candace Cameron Bure (D.J.), Bob Saget (Danny), Dave Coulier (Joey) and Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler).

While it has been FOREVER since the premiere of the show, it has not been far from everyone’s minds with the revival of the sitcom (now called Fuller House) which just released its third season on Netflix this weekend.

Even though the Olsen twins, who played youngest Tanner sister Michelle, did not come back for the new generation, it still feels like the exact same show...with ALL the cheese.

Watch another interview with the cast here (courtesy of TVLine).

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