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Glittery Cappuccinos Have ARRIVED And They’re FIERCE

Be still my rainbow bright, sparkly unicorn heart! Glitter cappuccinos are here...or should we say Diamond Cappuccino!

These sparkly creations come from Coffee By Di Bella in Mumbai, but they're opening in four more cities soon.

The morning delight taste just like a normal coffee, with a dash of fabulous and are a blingy treat for those who are just a bit extra.

You may be wondering what the glitter is made of - don't worry, it's an edible glitter and it can be found in most supermarkets. So really, you could make your own!

There's also a gold cappuccino for those who prefer the finer things in life and both apparently leave you with a "shiny layer of lip gloss on your lips".

I mean... this is everything, obviously!

By the way, their instagram is LIT. A grammer's delite!

Check it out!

May your Saturday night shine and sparkle just as bright as our Gold and Diamond Cappuccino! #CoffeeByDiBella #CBD #DiBella

A post shared by Coffee By Di Bella (@coffeebydibella) on

We’d write love songs about the Melbourne Freakshake if we wanted to! #CoffeeByDiBella #CBD #DiBella

A post shared by Coffee By Di Bella (@coffeebydibella) on

We know you can’t resist! Drop by at Coffee By Di Bella to gorge on this delicious spread. #CoffeeByDiBella #CBD #DiBella

A post shared by Coffee By Di Bella (@coffeebydibella) on

Hoping that Coffee By Di Bella open in AUstralia soon!

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