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Watch Golden Retrievers Being Gentle With Eggs

We know what you're thinking. Watching a golden retriever hold an egg in it's mouth is pretty freaking random, but please keep reading, because this is oddly satisfying. 

Much like planking, putting cheezels on your dog's nose and the mannequin challenge, the "golden retrievers with eggs in their mouths" challenge is sweeping the interwebs.

According to one twitter user, her aunty read that "a golden retriever’s mouth is so gentle they can hold an egg in their mouth without cracking it" so of course, she HAD to try it out. And the results? Well, see for yourself:

The post has since been seen by 7.7 million people with other twitter users praising the dog for being so incredibly egg-celent and gentle:

Other twitter-ers accepted the challenge with their pooches, with some attempts more successful than others...

Who's a good boy??

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