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Grandad eats tub of paint thinking it was yoghurt

A 90-year-old Grandad has become an internet sensation after eating half a litre of paint because he thought it was yoghurt.

His granddaughter Alex Stein posted a picture of him on Twitter with the minty green evidence all over his lips and shirt with the caption: "Sooo my grandpa ate half a quart of paint today thinking it was yogurt."

She did assure everyone that despite it potentially being very dangerous, ‘Bobby’ was absolutely fine.

“Update: his stomach’s completely unfazed,” she wrote alongside an updated Facetime picture of him smiling with clean lips.

Being the internet, it sparked some very funny replies.

However, there was some backlash towards granddaughter Alex, with some feeling like it was wrong to have posted the photo online.

Alex responded to the negative comments, pointing out that “he’s just a senile old man who’s over the moon cus people think he’s funny…(& yes, we called poison control, don’t worry!)”

A little further research and it seems that like Alex said, Bobby is enjoying himself and is not opposed to the internet fame.

He started posting on Instagram back in 2016 and with this recent spate of popularity, his followers have risen to more than 50,000! Two days ago he was amazed to reach 1,000.

His profile name now includes “(yogurt guy)” and he describes himself in his bio as being “90 yrs young..Single & reDy to mingle”.

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Felt cute, might delete later😋

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HAH 1000 followers??? y’all r too much🥰

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