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Grieving Mum Devastated To Learn Baby's Coffin Is Empty

A devastated mother has had her heart broken all over again after discovering that the coffin her son was buried in is actually empty.

Lydia Reid has been fighting to have her son Gary's body exhumed for more than 40 years, believing that she was handed the wrong baby at the time of his death in July 1975.

But after decades of campaigning, Ms Reid was dealt yet another blow when she found that his coffin was buried with no body.

"My son wasn't there," she told The Daily Record. "Someone stole the body of my son. I had buried my empty coffin."

Upon examination, an academic confirmed that the coffin did not contain any human remains, although a shawl, hat, cross and a name tag were found inside.


Image via BBC

Now Ms Reid is fighting to have samples that were taken from Gary at the time of his death tested to determine whether or not the baby was hers.

"I want them tested for DNA as I want to know if there is any part of my son there," she said. 

Little Gary died at Edinburgh Sick Children's Hospital at just seven days old but Ms Reid is convinced that staff at the hospital mixed up two of the babies and brought her the wrong one.

"I objected but they said I was suffering from post-natal depression," Ms Reid explained to the BBC.

"This baby was blonde and big, my baby was tiny and dark-haired.

"This was not my son."

Ms Reid suspects that Gary's organs were taken without her permission, and says that she will continue to campaign to find out what happened to her son in July 1975.

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